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College of Education, University of Taipei


College History

Established as one of the earliest chartered universities in Taiwan in 1895, the University of Taipei has a long and distinguished history in the development and dissemination of Taiwan’s intellectual, cultural, and environmental heritage.

On August 1, 2005, the university underwent a name change to become the Taipei Municipal University of Education, during which the College of Education was founded. At its founding, the college originally incorporated three departments and eight independent graduate institutes.

By August 1, 2013, the Taipei Municipal University of Education was combined with the Taipei Physical Education College into what is currently the University of Taipei, at which time the college incorporated five departments and one independent graduate institute.

The College of Education is an integral part of today’s University. Continuously recognized as one of Taiwan’s top teacher training institutes, the School continues to be a center for innovative research, teaching, and service projects of local, national, and international interest.

The dean’s position of the College of Education was first held by Prof. Kun-tang Yang and has subsequently been filled by Profs. Long-Lih Yang, Derray Chang, Li-Hua Chen, Chia-Chen Chao, Yi-Ku Ting, Fen-Fen Chang. It is currently held by the eighth dean, Prof. Shu-Yu Chen. Prof. Chen became the dean of the College of Education on February 1, 2024, and continues to direct the school to the present day.


Educational Vision and Mission

1. Vision

The College of Education aims to be a leader in improving education, workforce development, health, and policy in order to contribute to a well-educated, healthy, just, and equitable society. The college strives to cultivate professional educators who love teaching and culture, and possess an international perspective and expert ability in teaching.

2. Mission

The mission of the College of Education at the University of Taipei is to enhance education, workforce development, health, and policy for the well-being of society through

(a)   The study, creation, communication, and application of new knowledge. (Dedication to education and interdisciplinary academic research).

(b)   The preparation of scholars, researchers, educators, and other professionals that meet the needs of an increasingly diverse, global, technological society. (Fostering of education and interdisciplinary professionals).

(c)   The initiation of engagement with matters related to the local community, city, nation, and world. (Provide quality education and service to society).


Core Competencies

1. Linguistic Proficiency 

2. Communication and Collaboration

3. Innovation and Practice

4. Professional Knowledge and Skills (Please refer to specific department)


Literacy Cultivation

1. Love and Caring

2. Responsibility and Ethics

3. Understanding of Culture and Respect 


Development Strategy

1. Establishing Professional Development Community

2. Innovating Curriculum and Teaching 

3. Creating an Identifiable Image


Our Concentration of Disciplines

1. Research in human rights education, philosophy, and history of education, as well as the cultural and creative industries

2. Research in special education and evaluation

3. Research in kindergarten curricula, guidance plans, and teacher development and guidance, as well as young children’s temperament, and training of teaching skills.

4. Research in child and adolescent clinical psychology, psychodrama therapy, latent variable modeling analysis, psychometric model development, and applications

5. Electronic textbook development and research, research in aboriginal language study websites, and training of green energy professionals

6. Research in educational evaluation, the education of guidance counselors, as well as InnoSchool and GreaTeach



Chun-i Tsai , Executive Officer

Ext.: 8303