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College of Education, University of Taipei

College of Education

    The University of Taipei (UT) has its origins in the 1895 National Language School. For over a century, our university has been the premier institution for teacher education in Taiwan, with a longstanding commitment to nurturing exceptional educators for the capital city, Taipei. As the flagship college of UT, the College of Education inherits the university's excellent academic traditions.


    Currently, the College of Education cultivates a diverse range of talents, including school teachers, educational administrators, psychological counselors, speech therapists, creative professionals, cultural management experts, and academic scholars. Our faculty members actively lead students in participating in the formulation, promotion, implementation, and evaluation of national educational policies. The contributions of our faculty, students, and alumni to the national education system have been outstanding, producing numerous accomplished individuals who have become educational leaders.


    In the past decade, the College has proactively embraced the trends of the times and transformed into a new type of educational institution. With five departments and one independent research institute, we offer programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels, integrating theory and practice, while emphasizing professionalism, interdisciplinary collaboration, digitalization, and internationalization. Our students engage in substantial internships with various partners, including schools, medical institutions, educational administrative units, social educational organizations, and privately-owned creative companies. This underscores that our focus extends beyond pedagogy and exploration in education studies; we are dedicated to interdisciplinary integration with education studies at the core. Our interdisciplinary directions include healthcare, art and design, business management, and computer science, among others.